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Strategic Communications:

How do you know if your audience is reading and understanding what you are trying to communicate? How do you use different communication tools to keep your audiences informed and engaged? I will help you assess your current communications, develop goals, and identify audiences. Together we will create a strategy which works to achieve your goals, and move your audiences toward more engagement with your organization. 

Graphic Design:

Essential information is often best communicated through visual representation. I design clear and compelling looks which help you tell your story.

  • logo design

  • website design

  • infographics

  • social media campaigns

  • invitations, brochures, and other marketing materials

  • t-shirts and apparel


I can help you and your team learn how to use low-cost, user-friendly tools to maintain and update your website, social media pages, and communications. I will also teach your team some basic communication methods and approaches to ensure that you are communicating with clarity and impact.

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